As we move ever closer to the launch of The Crypto Prophecies, our developers are hard at work on making the game a fun and rewarding experience for every player.

In our previous update, we covered updates to the price feed, the integration of Pets and various bug fixes.

Read on to find out what our latest developer updates are and how they will impact your experience within the game.

Shop Functionality

We’ve done a lot of work to create a seamless in-game marketplace where players will be able to use their TCP tokens to purchase various items.

Some of the…

The Crypto Prophecies relies on a range of funding pools to continue developing and improving user experiences for the future. As such, we’ve carefully segmented our overall token distribution into different funds, which will help us continue growing value so that we can deliver the best gaming experience possible. Here, we take a more detailed look at how our total token distribution of 250,000,000 is divided into funds. Read on to discover more about our funds.

TCP Token Distribution

Private Sale

A third of our token distribution is segmented for private sale to investors, a process that has taken place across three rounds. The initial…

We know you can’t wait to step foot into the legendary Battle Arena of Opulentos and begin your journey in The Crypto Prophecies. However, it’s important to start with the basics. Here, we take a brief look at your Crypto Prophecies profile; what you can do there, why it’s important and how you can benefit from keeping up to date with updating your profile.

Your Crypto Prophecies Profile

Your profile within The Crypto Prophecies is your hub where you can keep on top of your progress in the game so far, customise your avatar, calibrate your settings and oversee the finer details of the…

As the launch of The Crypto Prophecies gets closer by the day, our developers are busily working to ensure that the in-game experience is smooth, engaging and rewarding for every single player in the community. In our first Dev Update, we covered how we have begun to integrate many of the battle animations that take place within the battle mechanics of the game. We’ve still progressed in this area, as well as fixing many bugs, integrating more security measures and much more. …

Game development update

The time has come to run the closed beta testing program and fix the first wave of bugs on the platform before we get ready for the public launch.

Most of the key elements in the game are now integrated and playable at least as a minimum viable/playable product. Some features such as animation and effects use placeholder or shared assets.

How you can help

We’re looking to the community for some help with beta testing The Crypto Prophecies core game loops. You’ll get to be the first to experience the game and see the Crypto Prophets in action.

The Battle Arena as seen in the Beta

We are expecting there to…

The Crypto Prophecies is developing at pace, with a playable demo currently in progress and close to completion. It won’t be too long until you can step into the fabled Battle Arena, place wagers on battles, grow your wealth and begin your very own Crypto Prophecy. We’ve been busily working to ensure that the game offers an engaging and immersive user experience. To give you a taste of what’s to come, we’ve covered off a round-up of the latest game developments in this week’s ‘Dev Update’.

A Roundup of Our Latest Dev Updates

Our developers have been working tirelessly to continue the development of The Crypto Prophecies

NFT Character configuration

The Crypto Prophecies propels players into the rich world of the Kingdom of Opulentos, where the war with the Warlock Furmalum of The Great Beyond has caused havoc and chaos to the Kingdom. As a player in The Crypto Prophecies, it’s up to you, your fellowship and the rest of the community to restore the wealth of Opulentos with your Crypto Prophet’s profit magic through battles in the legendary Battle Arena. We’re proud to announce that many of the character battle animations have now been implemented into the game! …

After the devastating battle between Satoshi and the evil warlock Furmalum of The Great Beyond, The Oracle of Opulentos re-opened the legendary Crypto Arena to restore the financial might of The Crypto World. With your Crypto Prophet, you can enter the fabled battle arena, realise The Oracle’s ambitions and grow your own wealth. But who are the Crypto Prophets? Here we take a look at the various races of Prophets in The Crypto World and how they battle with each other using Profit Magic.

The Crypto Prophet Races

The Crypto Prophets are your secret weapon throughout The Crypto Prophecies. They…

Crypto Prophecies is a decentralised peer-to-peer price prediction game that has NFT characters. Place your wager and go head-to-head with another player to battle it out over the candles, predicting how each one will close. It’s a points based and it’s against the clock, so be quick and watch out for your opponents magic spells!

The winner at the end of the battle wins all the wager.

TCP Token Utility

The TCP Token Utility

Before we dig into the details of the tokenomics lets just recap what the current core utilities of the TCP token are:

  • Wager in player versus player game modes
  • Purchase NFT characters, items…

If you want to succeed in The Kingdom of Opulentos’ legendary Crypto Arena and become one of Satoshi’s fellowship of Crypto Prophets, you will need to level up your Prophets to gain an advantage over your opponents. The future prosperity of Opulentos and your Prophet’s wealth depends on you winning battles in our highly-anticipated zero-sum price prediction game.

The legendary Summoning Portal of Opulentos

Using Summoning Orbs at the legendary Summoning Portal is the primary way of getting brand new Crypto Prophet non-fungible tokens (NFTs), with your chances of getting higher-tiered Prophets dependent on the type of orb you use. However, you can also increase the…

The Crypto Prophecies

The Crypto Prophecies is a decentralised peer-to-peer price prediction trading game that has magical NFT characters and items.

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